Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice Weather

Although the weather is 70 and sunny the Ball State University recreation center was the location of choice for my work out of the day. While walking to the rec center I was not excited about going but was determined to get a solid work out in. During my hour and a half stay my work out consisted in a wide range of activities. First I went down to the machine and free weight area to work on muscular strength primary focusing on upper body strength. After lifting weights I partook in doing crunches and holding form in plank position working on my core body strength. With an increase in body strength it helps form a better body posture. Finally for my cool down I went and played basketball receiving cardiovascular exercise. Post exercise walk back felt refreshing that I was on my way to becoming more physically fit. The feeling is indescribable so I encourage you to go out and experience it yourself by possibly going out to enjoy the weather!

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